Right - Center - Left

It doesn’t matter where you stand,

with VAVEE you have a voice.

Vavee was created as a social media platform designed to promote content sharing, spirted open debate and one that includes moderation while attempting to exclude censorship.

The rules are quite simple and straight forward.

Disagreeing and/or choosing to be offended by differing viewpoints is not enough to have content removed or a user banned while repeated violations of the common sense rules may be.

The golden age of bread and circuses must come to an end.

Knowledge and engagement by all are critical. This isn’t about one ideology vs another, this is about providing a voice, sharing content, being open to hearing different viewpoints, debating the issues and agreeing or disagreeing in an agreeable manner.

Who knows, we may actually learn something from those with whom we disagree.

Attack the issue, not the individual.

What’s in a logo?

On the left we have blue.

On the right we have red.

In the center we have magenta-which on the RGB and CYM color scales, falls exactly in the middle.

Magenta is an “extra special “ color but is also known as an “impossible” color which seems quite fitting these days.

The large “V” in the middle? It’s all about communication.

The large swoosh represents flexibility and a willingness to being open to different ideas. The two smaller swooshes represent Open Speech and the often forgotten but critical art of Actively Listening.

VAVEE, Open Speech for Open Minds. Let’s strive toward the impossible.